Submitting websites to Daum webmaster tools

How to submit websites to Daum webmaster tools

Submit your website at the Daum webmaster tool following the below video!

1. Go to Daum Webmaster tools and click the Get a PIN code.

2. Enter your site URL and PIN code.


The PIN code is the same as the password


If you are adding your custom domain, you must add the https:// and type the domain URL without www

Example) (X) (O)

3. Check on the agree to terms and conditions.

4. Click the Copy to the clipboard to copy the Authentication key.

5. Go to the Creatorlink > Marketing > For Search Engines.

6. Paste the Authentication key on the Daum Webmaster Tools and click the OK button.

7. Go back to the Daum webmaster tools and click the Start verification button.

8. Enter your site URL, PIN code and then click the Verify button to confirm your site.

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