Footer Block

What is the footer block.

The footer is a block that appears at the bottom of every page of your website.

The design of the block is made up of icons, logos, and text boxes.

It usually contains your business contact information, like privacy policy and terms of use.

[Footer Block Settings Interface]

1. Logo Type: You can select the type of logo.

2. Icon Position: You can set the position of the logo.

3. Icon List: It is a list of icons you added.

4. Privacy Policy and Termas of Use: Different descriptions will be displayed depending on the pricing plan and membership management functions settings.


  • Basic Plan(membership function X): Privacy Policy only

  • Business Plan(membership function O): Privacy Policy and Termas of Use

5. Change Footer Design : You can change a footer design.

6. Padding : You can change the paddings of this block.


Some of the blocks do not support the padding of the left&right.

7. Background : You can set/change the background of this block.

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