Connecting a Korean character domain

This guide offers tips for connecting the Korean character domains.

Unlike general English domains, Korean domains can be connected after converting them to Puny code format.

1. Go to 한국인터넷정보센터.한국

2. Enter the Korean character domain without https://

e.g.) https://크리에이터링크.com (X) / 크리에이터링크.com (O)

3. Copy the Puny code from the OUTPUT.

4. Click the Connect a Domain button on the Creatorlink Dashboard.

5. Paste the copied Puny code on the URL input box.

6. Check the Nameservers and IP.

7. Enter the changing the nameservers page by clicking the buttons for How to change the nameservers in your service option.

8. Apply to the Creatorlink nameservers after deleting the existing nameservers.

9. Applying for the custom domain is completed. If you use a custom domain email, you can apply for the connecting email by clicking the buttons below. Please click here for the details.


  • If you change the domain nameserver into Creatorlink nameserver, the domain is connected automatically. After changing the nameservers, it may take 48 hours to take effect.

  • Please note that your domain will be disconnected when the premium plan expires.

  • If the domain provider requests the IP address for the nameservers, copy and paste the provided IP addresses in #3 (Check the Nameserver and IP step.)

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