Interlinking Google Maps with the contact block

How to interlink Google Maps with the contact block?

There are contact blocks that can display your location with a Google Maps URL.


You can interlink only Google Maps with the block yet.

We are planning to update the block to work with more external maps!

[Linking Google Maps to the block]

  1. Search your location at the site.

  2. Copy the URL or HTML according to the type you want.

  • Link type : Copy the URL in the address bar in the browser right after searching the location.

    It displays the same screen as the search screen.

  • HTML type : After searching location, copy the iframe HTML at Share > Embed a Map.

    It displays the map around the search result.


After clicking the Share button, you cannot use the Embed a map feature.

4. Go to Edit site mode of Creatorlink.

5. Click the Block Settings icon on the map block.

6. Paste the copied URL on #3 on the input box.

7. Click the Save button.

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