Gallery Block

Creatorlink provides two types of gallery blocks.
1) Image Type : It shows the image with the original size or optimizes the size to fit into the display. This type is the best type for focusing on the image.
2) Project Type : It gives a separate page to each image to show more details. This type is the best for showing more details about the image with text, image, video and more on a page.
[Gallery Block Settings Interface]
1. Type of Gallery : You set choose the type of gallery.
2. Manage the Content : You can manage gallery block content.
3. Layout : You can set the style of layout.
4. Change Gallery Design : You can change the design of gallery block.
5. Padding : You can change the paddings of this block.
Some of the blocks do not support the padding of the left&right.
6. Background : You can set/change the background of the block.
7. Block Name/Link(Anchor) : You can set the name for the block and you can set the blocks as the block link target location.