Pinning the specific block to every project page in the gallery

How to pin the specific block

You can pin the specific blocks to every project page in the gallery by using the Pin function.

[Conditions to pin the block]

1. There must be more than 2 normal blocks in the Project page.

(The pinned blocks are not counted)

2. The block must be located at the top or bottom of the body area,

or the block must be under the pinned block or above the pinned block.

[Pin the specific block]

1. Click the image added to gallery block to access Project page.

2. Click gray area to add blocks.

3. Click Set to the top fixed block to pin the specific block.

Check the fixed block!


  • When the block is fixed, the 📌Set to the top fixed block icon and Add block here buttons of the fixed block turn red.

  • If you want to remove the block fix setting, please click the icon again.

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