Troubleshooting domain connection problems

This guide explains how to solve the domain connection error.

If you are having trouble with the connecting custom domain to your site, you can solve the problem by following this check list.

1. Check your domain nameserver has changed.

it is not connected properly, if you do not change your Domain Name Servers into the Creatorlink’s Name Servers provided.

In this case, please change your Domain Name Servers into Creatorlink’s Name Servers.

You can change the DNS at the domain providers and it may take maximum 48 hours to take effect.

2. Check your SSL(Https://) has not applied.

The SSL apply within 48 hours of in-office hours after the name servers have been changed.

If you still cannot connect the domain with SSL(Https://), please check your domain via a 1:1 Q&A.

3. Check your Premium plan has expired.

To connect the custom domain requires the Premium plan.

When your Premium plan has expired, the page shows the following instead of accessing the site.

As soon as you apply the premium plan again, your domain is connected immediately without additional work.

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