Editing options of the form block

Edit options of the form block with the form editor

You can add/delete/edit items as you want.

1. Click the Block Settings icon on the Form block

2. Click the Settings icon on the Form Config

3. Edit the form items

a. Form Name : You can edit a form name

b. Title : Enter or edit a question title

c. Item Type : You can use 9 different item types

(Short answer, Paragraph, Single choice, multiple selections, Dropdown, Date, Date and Time, File Download, File Upload)

d. Item Description : Add a description about the question

e. Item Description On/Off : You can turn on/off the description

f. Item Options : The option list for Single Choice/Multiple Selection/Dropdown

g. Add Option : Add an extra option for the list

h. Required : Make an item required

i. Delete : Delete the item


When you delete the item, the received data also will be deleted.

Please save the data as Excel file before delete the items if you need them.

j. Add Item : Add a new item on the form

k. Title Font : Change the title font style

l. Description Font : Change the description font style

m. Confirmation Message : You can change a confirmation message

n. Send to : You can edit an e-mail address to receive the notice when you get responses

o. Privacy Policy : You can insert your own privacy policy for the form

p. Privacy On/Off : You can turn on/off to use the privacy policy

q. Done : Exit the form configuration window

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