Managing deleted members

How to manage deleted members

There are two methods to delete a member account.

[Delete a member account on the Member My Page]

1. Sign in to the website.

2. Click the My Account

3. Click the Delete My Account button.

4. After checking the instructions, check the agreement.

5. Click the OK button.

6. Enter your password and click the Delete Account button.

[Delete a member account by admin]

1. Click the manage Members > Member List on the Admin page.

2. Select the members on the list and click the Delete button.

Q : Can a user create a new account with deleted account information?

A : Once the account has been deleted, the deleted ID and e-mail address are not re-usable. If you want to recover or make it reusable with deleted ID and email address, please request Creatorlink 1:1 inquiry.

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