Slideshow Block

Slideshow blocks can show several images by the sliding method.

Mainly the slideshow block is used on the main page.

It has two types which are Background Image Type and Standard Type.

If you want to know details about the slideshow blocks, please click the article below.

You can add a link to slideshow blocks with no text on images.

[Slideshow Block Settings Interface]

1. Image list : It is a list of images, that are added to this block. You can add upto 8 images.

2. Padding :You can change the paddings of this block.


Some of the blocks do not support the padding of the left&right.

3. Background : You can set/change the background of this block.

4. Block Name/Link(Anchor) : You can set the name for the block and you can set the blocks as the block link target location.

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