Using the Google analytics for the site

How to use the Google analytics for the site

You can register Google Analytics to your site by adding Measurement ID.

1. Go to Google Analytics and sign in.

2. Fill in the Account name and click the Next button.

3. Fill in the Property name/Reporting time zone/Currency and click the Next button.

4. Set the Industry category/Business size/intention and then click the Create button.

5. Check the check box and click the I Accept button on the Google Analytics Terms of Service Agreement pop-up window.

6. Click the Web button.

7. Fill in the Website URL/Stream name and click the Create stream button.

8. Click the Measurement ID copy button.

9. Click the Register button at Creatorlink>Marketing>Analytics>Google Analytics.

10. Paste the Measurement ID at the input box and click the check button.

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