Adding a social media feed to the website

You can add your Instagram or Twitter feed on your website by using the feed type of social block.

1. Click the Advanced > Connected Social Accounts on the Dashboard.

2. Click the Register of the Instagram or Twitter.

3-1. Enter the Twitter ID.

3-2. Log in to your Instagram account and accept the permission.

4. Go to the Edit Site mode and add the Social Feed block on your page.

5. Click the Block settings icon.

6. Turn on the social feed.

Your social account is connected to the feed type social block.

If you are having a problem with linkage your SNS feed into your website, please click here!


Q : How do I change the connected Instagram account on the social feed block to another Instagram account?


1. Click the Advanced on the Admin page.

2. Delete the Instagram account on the Connected Social Accounts.

3. Access to the Instagram site on the same browser.

4. Log out the Instagram account and Log in with new Instagram account.

5. Go back to the Advanced > Connected Social Accounts.

6. Click the Register.

7. Click Allow button on the Instagram permission window.

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