Menu block

Use menu blocks to display menus on your site.

You can set the website logo, menu design, font and background at the menu block settings.

[Menu Block Settings Interface]

1. Logo : You can set options about logo.

2. Change Menu Design : You can change a menu design.

3. Overlay Menu : You can overlay your menu with the first block of the page.

The overlay menu function is available when the block located below the menu block has enough space to cover the menu block and does not overlap with text or images.

4. Mobile Optimized Design : The mobile menu will be shown with a mobile-optimized preset.

5. Menu Font : You can set menu font.

6. Vertical Aligment : Sets the vertical alignment based on the higher height among the menu or logo.

7. Padding : You can change the paddings of this block.


Some of the blocks do not support the paddings of the left & right

8. Background : You can set and change the menu block background into color or image.

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