Social Block

Creatorlink provides two types of social blocks.
1) Icon type : You can link the social media site to the social icons.
2) Feed type : You can connect your social media account and show your social media feeds on the site.
[Social Block Settings Interface- Feed type, Icon type]
Feed type
Icon type
1-1 Social Setting : If your SNS account is not connected, Go To Social Accounts Setting button, and if your SNS account is connected, active button is shown.
1-2 Icon Setting
  • Icon Spacing : You can set the icon spacing.
  • Icon Position : You can set the position of icons (left/center/right).
  • Icon List : You can add/delete/reorder the icons.
2. Padding : You can change the paddings of this block.
Some of the blocks do not support the padding of the left&right.
3. Background : You can set/change the background of this block.
4. Block Name/Link(Anchor) : You can set the name for the block and you can set the blocks as the block link target location.