Site editor

When you enter the Site Edit mode, you can see Editors on the top of the site.

You can edit your website more fabulously with the Editors.

[Site Edit Mode Editor Interface]

1. Navigation Settings : You can add, delete, edit, copy, link, visible/invisible or set permission about the menu.

2. Site Settings : You can set the various settings about the site such as the One-page style, Background, Default font, Background music, Popup, The button for mobile, Disable Right-clicks, Desktop version for mobile or Mobile zoom.

3. Undo : You can undo the steps and restore the data.


Undo is available only in the last 15 steps.

And it is not possible to restore the website beyond its undo history.

4. 1:1 Q&A : You can always ask a question through 1:1 Q&A.

5. Guide : You can learn how to use the Site Edit mode.

6. Preview : You can check how your site looks and works without publishing your site.

7. Publish : You can update edited contents to the published site.

8. Close : Close the Site Edit mode. Edited contents are saved in the Site Edit mode and do not update to the published site.

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