Requesting the Script and Quick Menu

How to request the Html script or quick menu for the chatting window, conversion tracking, and blocking invalid clicks.

[How to request the script]

1. Please prepare a script you want to add to your site.

2. Leave the following three pieces of information on the 1:1 Q&A.

  • A script (Attach the file by using the Attachment button)

  • Website URL that applies the script

  • Detailed position

3. After the application, a completion email will be sent.


Applying the script or quick menu is only available to websites that apply the business pricing plan.

[How to apply the quick menu]

1. Prepare an image and URL inserted into the button.

2. Go to Edit Site mode.

3. Open the IMAGE LIBRARY by clicking ADD button at the image or gallery blocks.

4. Upload the image you want to use for the button at the library.

5. Click the right mouse button on the uploaded image and the Copy image address button.

6. Send us a site address that will apply the quick menu, image address, and URL you want to insert to the button through 1:1 Q&A.

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