Adding videos on my website

How to add videos on the website

.You can add two types of video blocks to your website.

There are two ways to play the videos using the basic video blocks.

To upload a video, you need a video platform URL (Youtube, Vimeo, GfyCat, etc..) or a file URL uploaded on the hosting to add video on the blocks.

[Basic Video Block]

The basic video block type is the video play when you click the play button on the block.

When you select the Popup play type, the pop-up window is activated and the video is played in it.

Support Video Platform: Youtube, Vimeo URL.

When you select the Direct play type, the video is played in the block directly.

Support Video Platform: Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud.


Please delete a soundcloud URL when you change the play type from Popup to Direct.

[How to insert the videos into the basic video blocks]

1. Go to the video page on the video platform.

2. Copy the URL of the video.

3. Click the Block settings icon on the video block at the Site Edit mode of the Creatorlink.

4. Click the Edit button.

5. Delete the added basic URL.

6. Paste the copied video URL on the input box and click the SAVE button.

Check the added video.

[Background Video Block]

The background video block is the video that keeps playing without sound on a PC.

But in mobile, it shows the preview image instead of playing the video.

You need to upload your own preview image (otherwise the previously used image will be used).

What is a preview image?

Mobile devices do not fully support playback of background videos,

due to complications such as different browser support of video file types.

Therefore, we decided to use a preview image to replace a background video,

and display as a background image.

Don't forget that a preview image will also display while a video is loading.

1. Using the video file on the hosting

  • Supportable Video File Format: MP4

  • Please make sure the “.MP4” must be included on the Video File URL when you use the video file from the hosting.


2. Using the Gfycat( service

1) Access to the Gfycat .

2) Click the Upload button.

3) Upload your video.

4) Copy the video URL.

5) Go back to Edit Site mode of the Creatorlink and click the Block Settings icon.

6) Paste the copied video URL on the input box.

Check the added video.

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