Text editor interface

What is a text editor?

This is the editor only for text.

You can edit font, font size, text color and other settings with the editor.

You can use the Text Editor by selecting the text in the text box.

[Activating the text editor]

1. Click the text in the text box to activate the text edit mode.

When you activate the text edit mode, the line of th etext box changes the color from white to blue.

2. Select the text.

3. Now the text editor is activated!

[Text Editor Interface]

1) Font: Change the font.

2) Font size: Change the size of font.

3) Text Color: Edit the color of the specified text.

4) Bold: Make text bold.

5) Italic: Make text itaclic.

6) Underline: Underline the specified text.

7) Strikethrough: Strikethrough the specified text.

8) Letter spacing: Set space of letters.

9) Line spacing: Set height of lines.

10) Align: Align the specified text.

11) Insert Link: Add a link to the specified text.

12) Indent: Increase/decrease indent the specified paragraphs

13) Ordered List : Attach bullet points to the specified text.

14) Clear Formatting : Clear the applied text format of the specified text.

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