About blocks

The characteristics of each block kind

Before getting started editing blocks, please check simple features of blocks.

You can check more detailed information about each block in the corresponding category.

1. Menu Block

Use menu blocks to display menus on your site.

You can set the website logo, menu design, font and background at the menu block settings.

2. Slideshow Block

Slideshow blocks can show several images by the sliding method.

Mainly the slideshow block is used on the main page.

It has two types which are Background Image Type and Standard Type.

If you want to know details about the slideshow blocks, please click the article below.

You can add a link to slideshow blocks with no text on images.

3. Text Block

Text blocks are made up of text boxes.

There are various designs of text blocks for your convenience.

Use it according to your purpose!

4. Image Block

Image blocks consist of images only.

You can make your website more fabulous by inserting images.

5. Gallery Block

Creatorlink provides two types of gallery blocks.

1) Image Type : It can display the original image size, or according to the size of the screen when clicking on a thumbnail. This is the best type for focusing on the image

2) Project Type : It shows more details on a separate page when clicking on a thumbnail.

This is the best type for showing more about the image with more text, image, video, and others.

6. Forum Block

You can insert a forum into your website by using forum blocks.

Upload various posts with forum blocks!

7. Video Block

You can insert videos into your website with a video block.

There are two types of video blocks.

1) Basic video block : You can play the video on the block by the player method.

2) Background video block : The video is added to the background of the block and played automatically.

8. Social Block

Creatorlink provides two types of social blocks.

1) Icon type : You can link the social media site to the social icons.

2) Feed type : You can connect your social media account and show your social media feeds on the site.

9. Contact Block

If you add a contact block to your website, website visitors can leave messages to you.

You can use the contact block in various ways, such as inquiring, applying for events and more.

10. Form Block

The form block can resolve messages or use the form blocks as a survey form or others.

Also, you can edit the items as you want.

Use the block practically!

11. etc.

You can use countdown blocks in this category.

The countdown block is mainly used for renewing websites or noticing the event deadlines.

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