What is the membership

You can set up the membership by upgrading to the Business plan.

For more information about the business plan, please refer to the Page Link below.



If you have upgraded your site to a higher than the Business plan,

you can move to the membership set-up page in two ways.

  1. Click the Manage Members on the Admin page.

  2. In the Edit mode, you can move to the Membership set-up page

    by clicking the Site Settings > Login/Register Edit icon.

  • Member List : You can check a list of members. Creatorlink provide member searching, adjusting membership level, deleting and blocking memebrs and other options in this page.

  • Requests : This is a list of nonmemebrs who request sign-up.

  • Block List : This is a list of blocked members.

  • Removed List : This is a list of removed memebers.

  • Register : We provide a method of aprroval, terms and policies, setting of registration form options in this page.

  • Contributor : You can set contributors(Admin and site manager) in this page.

  • Identity/Age Verification : You can set the Identity/Age Verification option in this page.

Check the activated feature at the published website by clicking membership button!

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