Submitting websites to Google Search Console

How to submit websites to Google search console

To get your website on the Google search results, you have to submit your website to Google Search Console.

Submit your website at the Google search console following the below video!

1. Go to Google Search Console and click the Start now button.

2. Sign in to Google.

3. If you already have a property on your Google Search Console, click Add property on the property list.

4. Type in your site URL at the URL prefix and click the Continue button.


If you are adding your custom domain, you must add the https:// and type the domain URL without www

Example) (X) (O)

5. Copy the content value among the HTML code.


Please copy only a value inside the content="", not the entire html tag. Ex) oZh1UYh2h8OkEGJKmxc-itaFrlqKyjwe4iBEHnHWKmw

6. Open the Creatorlink site with a new tab.


Please do not close the Google Console site!

7. Click the Register button at the Marketing > For Search Engines > Google Search Console on the Dashboard.

8. Paste the copied value of the content on the box and click the OK button.


Please use your own values of the meta tag.

Do not use the values on the image as they are just sample.

9. Go back to the Google Search Console page and then click the Verify button at the HTML tag.

After complete to verify your website, you also need to submit the sitemap to the webmaster tools.

[How to submit the sitemap]

1. Go to Google Search Console and click the Index > Sitemaps.

2. Type in the user-sitemap.

3. Click the Submit button.


  • It might take a maximum of 14 days to get your site from the Google search result.

  • By search with site: URL, you can check whether your site is indexed or not indexed by the Google search engine

  • Edit the meta tag or add webmaster tools on your site are premium features.

    So, if your plan has changed to the free plan, some of the meta tags are replaced with the default text and webmaster tools are disabled.

    But when you upgrade to the premium plan again, it will restore your data, and able to use the webmaster tools

  • Please note that the portal site does not guarantee to index all registered sites as the search engine algorithm filtered the lower quality of the contents or as their policy!

  • If you have more questions about the webmaster tools or about searching on Google, please ask via Google customer center

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