Identity/Age Verification

What is Identity/Age Verification service


Identification/Age service identifies the people or checks their age by using their mobile. Please note that users can verify their identity or age only with a Korean number. You can apply the service to membership registration, find the ID, and adult authentication options.

[Apply for the Identity/Age Verification Service]

1. Click the Service Application button at Admin Page>Manage Members>Identity/Age Verification.

2. Fill out the application contract and click the 서비스 신청 및 요금 선택하기 button below.

3. Select the suitable charge and pay.

4. After applying for the service, the person in charge of KCP will send you an e-mail informing you of the contract procedures and pricing.

5. After completion of the second approval, you can get the site code, website code, and authentication key after 5 business days.

You can check the KCP keys at KCP 관리자 페이지(KCP Admin Page)>고객센터(Help Center)>인증센터(Verification)>가맹점 인증키 관리(Management KCP keys)

6. Enter the Site Code, Website Code, Authentication Key at KCP Key and click the SAVE button on the top.

7. Set the details and click the SAVE button below.

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