A menu link function

You can add a link to the menu. This guide explains how to use the menu link function.


There are 6 types of menu links you can add

  • Default Link

  • URL

  • Sub-menu Link

  • Block Link(Anchor)

  • File Download

  • Used as a menu header(unclickable).

1. Default Link

It moves to its own page.


What is the own page?

When you create a menu, the page is also created automatically.

2. URL

It moves to the site where you entered the URL.

3. Sub-menu Link

This option is available when the menu has a sub-menu.

It moves to the selected sub-menu page when you click the menu.

4. Block Link(Anchor)

It moves to the selected block location.

The block link option is only available if there is a block that enables the block link function.


You cannot move to the block on the same menu page.

5. File Download

You can download a file by clicking the link.

You can upload up to 10MB per file.

6. Used as a menu header(unclickable)

The menu is used as a folder that does not move anywhere.

It is only available when it has sub-menu(s).


When you add a link to the menu, the menu page is hidden except the Default Link option.

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