About multilingual websites

What is multilingual websites

The multilingual websites function refers to the ability to support multiple language websites with the same address.

For example, if you need Korean and English sites for globalization in the same service, you can set up Korean and English sites using the Multilingual Websites function.

Then, Korean and English sites exist in the same site address, so you can individually edit and apply the site for each language.

We support total 17 foreign languages below.

  • English

  • 日本語(Japanese)

  • 中國語(Chinese)

  • Español(Spanish)

  • Français(French)

  • Deutsch(German)

  • Русский(Russian)

  • العربية(Arabic)

  • Português(Portuguese)

  • हिन्दी(Hindi)

  • Italiano(Italian)

  • Tiếng Việt(vietnamese)

  • ภาษาไทย (Thai)

  • Монгол (Mongolian)

  • Türkçe(Turkish)

  • Orang indonesia(Indonesian)


Please remember that automatic translation function is not included in multilingual websites function! So you need to translate your duplicated website yourself.

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