Transferring a website

You can ask for transferring a site from one account to another through 1:1 Q&A.
After checking the site transfer option, please leave the site address you want to move to and the Creatorlink ID you want to take with you in a 1:1 Q&A.
Transferring is generally processed within a business day after we receive the request.
Please refer to the notice below before asking.
  • To apply for the Transferring the Site service, you must apply a premium plan to the site.
  • The premium plan and an undo history are also transferred with the site, when transferring the site.
  • If you enter the Site Edit mode or modifying settings, the data may not be transferred normally. Please do not enter the Site Edit mode or modify any settings.
  • Ask the service through 1:1 Q&A with an account that has the site that you want to transfer.