Uploading images speed improvement

Creatorlink provides two types of solutions to improving uploading images speed.

[Solution 1]

1. Run Photoshop.

2. Import an image.

3. Click File>Export>Save for Web(Legacy).

4. Change the file format to JPEG.

5. Change the quality value to 60~90.

6. Click the Save button.

If you do not have Photoshop in your computer, you can use below software instead of Photoshop.

[Solution 2]

We recommend you to create a Multi-page style website if you need to add many images to your website, because One-page style loads all images at the same time and it makes your website slow.

Turn One-page style mode off at Site Edit > Site Settings.

If you need more information about site settings, click the Page Link below!

Site settings

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