Verifying a site when register to the webmaster tools

How to verify a site when register to the webmaster tools

There are several cases that the webmaster tools can’t verify your site.

1. When the domain connection is unstable.

When you connect your custom domain and change the name-servers, it takes almost 48 hours to make connections stable.

So, make sure your domain name-servers have been changed and try it after 48 hours since you changed the name-servers.

Also, if you connect the domain with forwarding, the webmaster tools cannot recognize your domain has been connected properly, either.

2. When you register the custom domain with Http:// or www.

The custom domain that connected to the Creatorlink site only supports the https://,

So webmaster tools cannot recognize the custom domain with HTTP://.

Every domain that provides from Creatorlink and connected custom domain does not support the URL with www.

You can access your site with www + your domain address as we redirect to the domain address that does not have www.

Therefore, webmaster tools cannot recognize the domain address with www.

Example) (O) (X) (X)

3. When the Hide Site from Search Results option is activated.

For the smooth operation of the searching robot, please switch off the option. You can check if it is activated or not at Admin Page>Marketing>For Search Engines.

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