Using buttons for mobile feature

What is button for mobile feature and how to use the feature

You can use the Button for the Mobile function (such as make a call or link to the menu, map, other sites, or others) when you upgrade your plan to a Business plan.

You can add up to 3 buttons at the bottom of the mobile screen.

Q: How to set the button for mobile?

A : Click the Site Settings > Button For Moblie > Settings.

[Button for Mobile Setting Option Interface]

  1. Item name – Enter the name of the item.

  2. Order – Change order of the item with the drag and drop method.

  3. View – Able/Disable the item.

  4. Phone – Enter the phone number.

  5. Link – You can add a URL Link / Menu Link / Block Link(Anchor).

  6. Icon – Choose the icon for the button.

  7. Background color –Choose the background color for the button. You can choose more different colors than default colors.

  8. Apply – Apply the settings to the site.

  9. Preview – You can check how your settings for the buttons look on the mobile.

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